Photographer in Sheboygan County

The Importance of Photographs…

Your current photos may be stored in "the cloud" or on Facebook and Instagram, but how will they benefit future generations if nobody has your original files or passwords?  DVDs, CDs and flash drives won’t always be a standard storage medium.  They may not even be easily accessible in 10 year’s time.  Have you even seen a floppy disk drive?  Does your current computer have a DVD drive?  If the only photos you have of your children are on Facebook or Instagram, how will you be able to pass along memories for them to relive?  More importantly, how will they have photos of you?

Printed photos last longer than digital files and never become obsolete because quite simply… prints don’t crash. Albums and prints will always outlive technology. Photographs are part of the physical world.  They are everlasting.

VP of Google, Vint Cerf even cautions, “We are nonchalantly throwing all of our data into what could become an information black hole without realizing it. We digitize things because we think we will preserve them.  Digital photographs are just files of bits.  If there are pictures that you really really care about then print them out, literally.”

Custom, contemporary portraits hanging on your walls (instead of on a CD buried in your junk drawer) show everyone who visits your home how important your family is.  Photographs are visible reminders of those we love. They bring a home to life.  They become treasured heirloom pieces as time passes. Photographs also let our children know they are loved. Photographs matter because they reflect the most important thing… each other.

Why Choose Me

I SPECIALIZE in contemporary photography including portraits and lifestyle sessions. 

You DESERVE professional, treasured portraits of yourself and your family. I will take care of you from start-to-finish, walking you through each step of the process.

I CREATE albums and wall art as heirloom pieces you will enjoy for a lifetime. In 20 years time you will look at the photographs we created and say “This is more priceless than anything my family could ever own.” 

My STYLE is clean, emotive, and timeless. I avoid the trendy photography fads. I create beautiful images you’ll enjoy forever.  They are legacy pieces you will want to pass down to your children and grandchildren.

I COMMIT to taking care of you. I will provide an exceptional, customized photography experience that starts the very first time we speak. Making clients happy is the foundation of my success. It’s also part of who I am… I love building long-term relationships. I want to grow with you and your family. I want to document your story.


My standard session fee is $150. This covers your entire photoshoot as well as my time and talent to hand edit your images.  After your photoshoot, we will meet again for your Reveal & Order Session. Albums, wall art, and mounted prints are sold separately. Most clients invest between $250 and $1,200, however what you purchase is entirely up to you.  You make that decision while you are looking at your beautiful images. A matching web-resolution digital file is also included with every image purchase.

Prints & Products

Too many options can be overwhelming, especially when you love all of your images.  I’ve meticulously researched and selected heirloom-quality products so that your selection experience is exciting and simple. All of my products are custom designed, handcrafted and archival quality… made to be enjoyed and treasured for generations.   Products are available in either value-added Collections or as A la Carte. 


Family Portraits, Senior Pictures, Corporate Headshots, Engagement Portraits, Bridal Portraits, Maternity Photos, Baby Pictures

$150 Retainer

$100 of the retainer paid is credited towards print and product collection at scheduled ordering session.  All product pricing is disclosed and discussed prior to contract signing.

Sixty minute photo session, one location, 1-2 people.

Additional locations/larger groups/longer sessions available.

Average Total Investment $250-$1,600


Our Sheboygan Wedding Photography services are focused on providing you with true heirloom quality physical products that you will appreciate daily and last for generations.

$1200 Retainer

Half of retainer paid ($600) is credited towards print and product collection at scheduled ordering session.  All product pricing is disclosed and discussed prior to contract signing.

Typical full wedding coverage in the Sheboygan county area from "getting ready" to early reception by a single photographer.

Average Total Investment: $1,200-$2,800


Boudoir Photography & Intimate Lifestyle Portraiture


$200 Retainer

Please see our intimate lifestyle portraiture, boudoir photography, and creative portraiture site: and contact to discuss options.